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The Rowan Range is a portfolio of specialty birds developed to meet the needs of selected markets, including the slower-growing, free-range, and organic markets. The products within the range offer a variety of choice in terms of plumage color, growth rate and suitability for conventional and alternative production systems. The Rowan Range birds have been approved in a series of accreditation programs worldwide and offer exceptional health and welfare characteristics as well as excellent performance for meat production.

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Rowan Range Products

  • Rustic Gold

    The Rustic Gold is an exciting new alternative in the Rowan Range family of slower-growing broiler breeders.


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    Rowan Ranger

    The Rowan Ranger is a slower-growing pairing for customers looking to enhance and differentiate their product ranges with feather color. The package brings a great blend of rustic appeal and reproductive performance.


  • Rambler Ranger

    The Rambler Ranger is the choice for customers requiring a very slow-growing bird of traditional type with good meat yield and exceptional health and welfare characteristics.


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    Rowan 708

    The Rowan 708 is a slower-growing pairing that works well for the customer focused on robustness, excellent feed conversion and superior yield.


Rowan Range Distributors

The Rowan Range distributor network is made up of some of the most dynamic and well-respected companies in the poultry industry.

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